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Here are several pics of the Chelory OS Double-layer Fleece AI2 with snaps.

This kiddo is 18 months, 27 pounds.

Here is a 2 year-old, 23 pounder in the same diaper.

Three years, and 33 pounds.

And now, the same diaper on a 5 year-old, 43 pound kiddo!


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Here is Aliza in a Jamtots Berry Plush, at 10.5 months and 16.5 pounds. She is wearing it over a Goodmama fitted.

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Chelory OS AI2 on a 4 day old 6 pound baby.

Chelory OS AI2 with aplix. Baby is 3 months and 14 pounds. Love those thighs!

Chelory OS AI2 with snaps. Baby is 3 months, 14 pounds.

Chelory OS A12 with aplix on a 4 month old, 15 pound baby.

Here is the OS AI2 with wipable interior and snaps on several different kiddos.

5 months, 17 pounds:

22 months, 25 pounds:

3 years, 33 pounds:

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Rainshine Designs OS All-in-Two. Baby is 3 months old and 14 pounds.

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GroBaby AI2

Here is Avalyn at 5 weeks wearing a Grobaby on the smallest setting.

Madeline is 8 months old and wearing a grobaby with an organic cotton insert.

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Chelory Wool-in-two, size small, on a 3 months old, 14 pound baby.

Here is Aliza in a Chelory Wool-in-Two, size medium. She is 10 months old and 16 pounds.

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